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Puruli Culture Art


Declared of the “New German Cinema” in February 28, 1962 by the young filmmakers and critics who came together during the 8th German Short Film Festival, Oberhausen Manifest is accepted as the beginning of the journey of the post-war German cinema from the role of propaganda to the international reputation.  

Oberhausen Short Film Festival curated a program called “Provoking Reality. Mavericks, Mouvements, Manifestos” consisting of the films of the signatories during the 50th anniversary of the Manifest which declared after six months Berlin was divided by a wall. 40 films which belong to the active periods of the 26 signatories who would like to be a critical voice in the life of the Federal Republic were restored and screened during the 58th Oberhausen Short Film Festival by the end of April 2012. After then, it was presented to the audience at various museums and film festivals including Austrian Film Museum and MoMa New York under different titles. The films of Oberhausen Manifest were screened at Goethe Institut Ankara with collaboration of Puruli Culture Art between 21-22 December.