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Puruli Culture Art


Puruli Culture Art is a cultural operator realizes long-lasting projects which add values to the cultural memory and accumulation in the long term. Puruli aims art which is out of the common circuit to reach as much as people and to open alternative channels, it collaborates with the institutions and people who share similar objectives.

Puruli: The spring festival of Hittites, an ancient Anatolian civilization used to celebrate. Due to the belief, storm God Tarhu is defeated by dragon Illuyanka, so a famine occurs in the country. Therefore Tarhu asks the help of other Gods to beat the dragon. The Goddess Inara holds a festival to defeat the dragon. During this festival, Tarhu beats the dragon and wealth comes to the country again. Thereafter, the public of Hittite celebrates the Puruli Festival every year to salute the rebirth of nature.